Machine Vision Laboratory at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad gathers an active group of researchers and students working on computer vision and image processing topics. Our research is focused on practical areas of vision science, computer vision and image understanding. Medical image analysis is an important part of our research in collaboration with EIARG lab at FUM. Feel free to surf our website. You can find our contact information here.

The First National Conference on Simulator Systems - 2018

Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and the Navy industrial organization of Iran are proud to host the first National conference on Simulator Systems on May 7th and 8th, 2018. The purpose of this conference is to present scientific articles, to hold educational and practical workshops, specialized exhibition and to exchange views among academic experts and industry activists in this field. Considering the need for greater communication between universities and industry, it is stipulated that special attention should be paid to this issue at the conference. To this end, one of the focus areas of the conference is dedicated to industrial activities and applications. The papers presented in this section focus more on the use of current knowledge and the introduction of knowledge-based products, rather than anticipating innovation in the paper. It is expected that industry professionals and researchers will make the most effective use of applied research by contributing to the growth of this sector as well as other scientific disciplines.


Using vision based hoeing machine in-row weed control in order to control weed in row crops

Special plant detection camera is used in this robot above each row. Also, a mechanical tool equipped with electric power is used. In each row in normal situations are staying the intelligent weeding tools. When a crop plant is passing so it moved out from a row. It should be noted that the operating speed of electronic components are high and it is very strong with long life. Each parallelogram continuously monitors are equipped by special plant detection camera in order to pass the plants. In the case of passing the crop plant, the electronically controlled tool is received a signal from a computer and it will be moved out of the row at the specified time. After passing the crop plant, the tool will be moved into the row again. In the case of missing one or more plants or happening a gap in the row, the tool will stay in the row. The duty of automatic lateral control is to be sure that machine is located in the proper position even the tractor goes off track.

Scalable and view-independent calibration of multi-projector display for arbitrary uneven surfaces

This demo is the result of the implementation of the master's thesis by Shahaboddin Askarian Bajestani, a member of machine vision lab at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. It is a multi-projector display system that can perform projection operations on any arbitrary uneven surface. Moreover, the system is scalable due to the consideration of the camera and projector as a pair and the design of the problem as an optimization problem. The system setup is fully automated. Calibration of the system will be done automatically after calibrating the camera and the projector and fixing these two ratios and putting the pairs in overlapping position. The setup of the provided system is completely automated. After calibrating the camera and the projector and fixing them w.r.t. to each other, by putting the pairs in an overlap fashion, the calibration of the system will be done using software. Because of the overlapping area, in the case of the displacement of each projector, we only need to reset calibration operations. We run the system on a spherical surface with 3 pairs and on an arbitrary uneven surface with two pairs, and the result can be displayed in the corresponding video. Demo


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Prof. Hamidreza Pourreza

Dr. Ehsan Fazl-Ersi

Dr. Amir Hossein Taherinia

Dr. Boshra Rajaee

Dr. Mina Masoudifar

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Elahe Imani

Behrouz Bolourian Haghighi

Atieh Gharib

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Malihe Javidi

Hamid Mansouri

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Vida Adeli

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Noushin Eftekhari

Zahra Ghanaei

Shahaboddin Askarian Bajestani

Maryam Moein Darbari

Fatemeh Motallebi

Sina Rastegar

Vajihe Jami

Najmeh Najmi

Fatemeh Faal Hosseini

Morteza Delgir

Elahe Imani

Farnoosh Ghadiri

Vahid Kiani

Mohsen Zabihi

Elahe soleymanpour

Malihe Javidi

Sara Khanderooy


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Pulmonary Embolismnew

Todays, researchers in the field of Pulmonary Embolism (PE) analysis need to use a publicly available dataset to assess and compare their methods. Different systems have been designed for the detection of pulmonary embolism (PE), but none of them have used any public datasets. All papers have used their own private dataset. In order to fill this gap, we have collected 8792 slices of computed tomography angiography (CTA) images acquired from 35 patients, and after labeling the image by experts in this field, we provided a reliable dataset which is now publicly available.



Phylogenetic Tree CUB_200_2011_Birdsnew

A phylogenetic tree shows the relationships among several biological species based on their similarities and differences physical or genetic attributes. For the CUB-200-2011 birds, maximum levels of the phylogenetic tree are 7 but we consider 6 because some of the birds have only 6 levels that mean they are categorized to species level.


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