Multi-Camera Pose Estimation

 By: Masoud Aghamohamadian-Sharbaf




Matlab Script


The provided multi-camera pose estimation code is a Matlab based script for external calibration of a constellation of cameras with respect to an arbitrary coordinate system. A data set of 1900 images of four cameras from a three marker dynamic object and the corresponding static images of each camera are also provided under the Matlab files 'ImDynamic.mat' and 'ImStatic.mat', respectively. The research community is invited to test its algorithms on this database.

Using the database

The Matlab codes and the data sets included can be used, free of charge, for research and educational purposes. Copy, redistribution, and any unauthorized commercial use are prohibited. Any researcher reporting results that use this database must acknowledge MVLab of FUM by adding the following information:
"Multi-camera pose estimation based on variable separation for optimization" (preprint).
In addition, we appreciate to hear about any publications that use the Matlab codes or the data set. Feedback on the database and this website is also welcomed. The person to contact is Masoud Aghamohamadian-Sharbaf (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Data and Code description

The Matlab codes consist of the separation method described in the paper "Multi-camera pose estimation based on variable separation for optimization", the classic Levenberg-Marquardt method and the penalized minimization described in the paper. Use of the codes is straightforward and sufficient comments are added in the codes to provide readability. To calibrate the system with a different data set, the content of 'im_coordinate' vector and 'im_static' must change.


 Multi-Camera Pose Estimation - Matlab